This is how a visit to Würzburg works
Within 5 minutes you start with the first game!
Welcome & check in
We welcome you personally. Each player creates an account on their smartphone. All players join the visit via a numerical code.
To the game room
Then it starts. Each player starts with the first game. For this he meets his opponent in the playing area. You start your duel together.
Select your difficulty
You can choose from 3 levels of difficulty for each game: from beginner to professional. After starting, the game tells you how to play it and off you go!
In teams you play an exciting tournament against each other
Division into teams
At the beginning, you divide yourselves into several teams of the same size. Of course, everyone can also play in their own team. You always play in your group, never against other people.
Exciting duels
You play duels in different games. In each duel you have an opponent from a different team and play 1-on-1 against each other.
Exchange of game & opponent
After each duel you will be assigned to a new game and different opponents. You play your way through your group and get to know as many of our games as possible.
Team Ranking & Winner
At any time there is a ranking where you can see which team won the most duels. In the end, the team with the most duel wins wins.
The adventure is waiting for you!
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