Beat your friends

The Epic Competition

An unforgettable adventure for you and your friends right in the city center

Opening Summer 2024
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4.9 stars from over 4,000 reviews
Top 10% of attractions worldwide

Are you stuck in everyday life?

You want to experience something exciting

But instead you end up at some random coffee shop?

You're up for a real adventure

But Google suggests billard?

Experience an unforgettable adventure together

Enjoy gripping action

Escape from everyday life

Become action heroes

Earn fame & honor

Ideal as trip with your family
4.9 stars from 4,000+ Google reviews in 6 locations

Really worth every penny. The games are very entertaining and varied and you get the feeling that the evening never ends. Value for money: Absolutely great! Happy to do it again.


We had a super fun evening with lots of fun, adrenaline and fighting spirit. A great idea! I can recommend it 100%. It was our first time there and I know it definitely won't be the last!


Was super fun. Perfect for groups. It's like Mario Party in Real Life 😉

Already more than 100,000 visitors
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Location Berlin
Charlottenstraße 62, 10117 Berlin
Station Stadtmitte
While you put the board games from the last game night into the cupboard, you start dreaming. What would a paradise of games look like?
You feel the tingling in your fingers. Your adrenaline is rising. The fighting spirit kicks in. You hear the laughter of your friends. Your team cheers. Your opponents cry. The fun of the game overwhelms you. And then you realize, THIS IS GAMER.
Stop dreaming. Put an end to your daily routines. Try Gamer, the most exciting experience in your city. Prove your skills in varied games. Be fast, be smart, be brave, be yourself and beat your opponents. What are you waiting for?
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