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As a school class, experience an unforgettable adventure in Dortmund that brings you closer together

4.9 stars from over 4,000 reviews
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Are you looking for an event on your school trip?

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Sling Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Air Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Square Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Heaven & Hell Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Amaze Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Black Swan Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Dice Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Bricks Klassenfahrt in Dortmund Cycle Klassenfahrt in Dortmund
4.9 stars from 4,000+ Google reviews in 6 locations

Class 6B at the Erlenbach School in Hamm: Exciting, cool, funny, surprising. We had a lot of fun and would love to come back! :-)


We were there with 10th grader! The visit was amazing! Great games, ingenious app control, friendly and cool employees and a lot of fun! 10 out of 5 stars


Great experience with a class of 10th grader. Good destination for a hiking day or similar. Gladly again.

Ø 60 - 90 Minutes
6 Duels per Player
Including one softdrink per player
From 19 EUR
Per Player
Ø 75 - 105 Minutes
7 Duels per Player
Including one softdrink per player
From 22 EUR
Per Player
From grade 5
Up to 40 players
Students & teachers play together
Tu & We
17 - 20
Th & Fr
16 - 22
10 - 22
More information about the course of the visit
12+ players - slots outside opening times available
You can find all details on prices and conditions in the calendar:
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The adventure is waiting for you!
Location Dortmund
Schliepstraße 4, 44135 Dortmund
Station Reinoldikirche
While you put the board games from the last game night into the cupboard, you start dreaming. What would a paradise of games look like?
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