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All details about the visit can be found here:
Babys, Kids & Dogs
You can always bring children from the age of 6. For babies and dogs, it is best to ask via service@gamer.jetzt, so that it is not too crowded.
Some of our games are designed for standing players. It is therefore best to send us an email before you book. Then we can talk about how we can customize a visit to your needs.
Bus & train
You can reach us directly from the main station. From there it is less than a 5 minute walk.
If you would like to play more duels outside of a tournament, you can earn or buy coins for this. A duel with two players costs 20 coins, i.e. 10 coins per person.
Currently there are NO more corona restrictions for your visit.
The duration of your visit depends on the number of duels. How many duels you will play, you will find in the booking confirmation. A tournament with 7 duels takes about 75 to 105 minutes. You can of course take more time or extend it at the end.
You can earn credit through your powerscore. You can then use this credit at any time when booking your next visit or when buying coins.
Someone is not coming
You can change the number of players at any time. Whether you still have to pay for the players depends on your booking. Please check your booking confirmation for more information. There you will also find a link to change the number of players. If you don't find any information in the email, please contact us at service@gamer.jetzt.
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You will move during our games. However, no competitive sport awaits you. We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes. If you are ambitious, it is best to dress athletically.
Minimum age
We recommend a minimum age of 10 years. We provide the best experience if everyone has its own smartphone, but you can also share one.
Bring along
For the best experience, bring your smartphone with you. You use it to control your visit to us. Else you can share one. And do not forget your good mood.
There are some free customer parking spaces on site. In addition, there is free parking on Bismarckstraße. If it doesn't work out there either, there is paid parking on the Posthallen area.
At the end of your duel we compare your result with all players who finished the game before you. From this we calculate your power score for the duel. If you are better than 50% of all players, you will receive a power score of 50. If you are better than 90% of all players, your power score is 90. The sum of your best power scores in each game results in your overall power score for our ranking.
Change visit
You can change the date of your tournament at any time. Register your tournament at https://www.gamer.jetzt/app. There you can cancel the tournament and receive a voucher with which you can book a new tournament.
All games are available in English & German language.
Tournament Winner
The team with the most duel wins wins the tournament. If two teams have won the same number of duels, the team with the highest average power score wins.
Are you a few minutes late? That is absolutely no problem. If you're more than 10 minutes late, use the link in our reminder email to report the delay. Depending on the occupany, we unfortunately have to shorten your visit if you have a delay of more than 20 minutes.
With us everything happens inside. So we are there for you in any weather.
Location Würzburg
Bahnhofplatz 2A, 97070 Würzburg
Station Hauptbahnhof
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