Discover our 10 games
Get the ball through the maze by moving the cart, not the ball!
Black Swan
One topic, four answers, one of them wrong. Hit the buzzer and your opponent with it.
How fast can you recreate something? Beat your opponent as master builder.
Win the crazy music game by stepping on the gas and guessing the songs.
Roll your dice on the high spots and shoot your opponent off the field.
Get your foodtruck ready by cycling fast and making lots of great decisions.
Heaven & Hell
Be fast and agile. Run as many numbers as possible. Optimize your walking routes.
As a detective solve a tricky case by analysing well and reacting quickly.
Hurl your stones to the enemy as fast as you can. Show tact.
With the right tactics and the perfect moves you clear your opponent from the field.
The adventure is waiting for you!
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